New Season on Stupid Man and His Bodyguard

Tonight is the season premiere of the second season of Stupid Man and His Bodyguard. It will be going live on our website around eight o’clock.

With its season premiere Stupid Man and His Bodyguard will become the longest running show that Mark Strong Media has ever made


A Website!!!!

We here at Mac Productions/Mark Strong Media, are happy to say that we have started our own website. It’s nothing fancy, because as you well know, we have a lack of funds, so don’t expect to much.

So go check out our website here, At some point we will re-brand this blog with the same name as the website. It would be to confusing to build a whole new blog right now.

We are also thinking about making a podcast or two, but we aren’t sure about what right now. We may do something with NascarGoose, but we aren’t sure.