The Never Ending Hiatus

Well it wasn’t really never ending. It did end up then it kind of started again. Well in total it’s been like two years, and boy did that time seem to fly by quick.

First, we have created two videos last December, which will be posted here shortly. One was of the annual Christmas parade, and the second was of Christmas Day because it was one of the bosses Niece’s first Christmas.

There isn’t much else going on, though we are preparing for the annual Christmas Parade.  Other news will follow if anything else changes.

Also, as you can tell, we have moved our blog from Blogger over to Word Press. Theme changes an maybe a new logo will come in due time.



For about the past year and a half, MarkStrongMedia has been on a short of Hiatus of shorts. Though that hasn’t exactly mean that nothing has gone on behind the scenes.

To take care of some very long outstanding Business, we will like to inform everyone that our show Stupid Man and His Bodyguard have officially been cancelled.

There is some outstanding work that has been done since we started our Hiatus that will be posted soon.