What else is new

We are having more computer trouble here at Mac Productions, and because of that we are unable to to do anything.

The bosses are mad as can be at The Tech Boys, and heads may roll this time because of it.

This also has nothing to do with the cancellation of Grim Reaper, we are deeply sad to see that show go, but there was nothing that could be done, with a very limited  budget it was hard to justify keeping the show. One of The Bosses will be releasing a video that will go into deeper detail of why Grim Reaper was cut. But for now here is a statement from Boss Teddy.

“Everyone here at Mac Productions are sad to see the cancellation of Grim because we put a lot of hard work to get him that show, but in the end our budget just could not support the on going operation of the show. We tried everything in our power to save the show but weighed the risks and it came down to the fact that it would do no good for us to keep the show, so to the Grim Reaper and all the tech boys that help create the show and bring it to its short life, we here at Mac Productions are very proud of you. Hopefully sometime down the line we can do a new project just like, if not better, then what we did with Grim.”


Boss’s Birthday

Yesterday was out bosses birthday.

Mac Productions would like to send a Happy ‘belated’ Birthday to out boss Mark Strong.

Happy Birthday Boss!

Sorry for the delay

The Tech Boys are having some equipment problems and so that is the reason why there have been no shows coming out of Mac Productions.

Mac Productions HQ has also been abuzz about some other news, though nobody knows what that means. One of the rumors says that there might me a shakeup with The Bosses another rumor talks about something about one of the shows.

I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Sorry for the wait

Sorry its been so long for an update, things have been a little crazy around Mac Productions HQ lately.

We had Grim Reaper episode 3 almost done, but the editing software screwed it up, so now we are going to wait a bit until we are sure that we are done filming.

If you bet that, that pissed off the bosses, then you are correct.

Anyway until next time.

Grim Reaper Episode 2, Season 1

Sorry its kind of late. This was done shortly after The Bosses decided to Suspend Grim Reaper. It was suppose to be Grim’s Response to his show being Suspended, but then the Bosses decided to not suspend him so we decided to use it as an episode instead. Note that it has a lack of a title sequence, which all the later episodes will have.

Filming Part Of Grim Reaper

Filming has started for part of Grim Reaper season 1.3, and so far so good.

So far The Bosses are happy, which is good, and why wouldn’t they be Grim actually showed up.

Anyway, the script isn’t totally done, so what is being filmed today is unscripted shots. The Writers are said to be at odds about what should happen in the episode. Episode two was totally unscripted by Mac Productions and was totally done by Grim himself, though he did use our equipment and our studios to do it.

Well thats all for now, hopefully next time we’ll have more info about episode three and when episode two will air.

Brand New Logo

Last Week The Bosses, asked anyone an Mac Productions to come up with a new Logo, they felt that the old one was kind of lame and childish.

The new one is what the Tech Boys came up with, it will be the current logo for now until The Bosses decided to replace it. Heres a look at the new logo