What else is new

We are having more computer trouble here at Mac Productions, and because of that we are unable to to do anything.

The bosses are mad as can be at The Tech Boys, and heads may roll this time because of it.

This also has nothing to do with the cancellation of Grim Reaper, we are deeply sad to see that show go, but there was nothing that could be done, with a very limited  budget it was hard to justify keeping the show. One of The Bosses will be releasing a video that will go into deeper detail of why Grim Reaper was cut. But for now here is a statement from Boss Teddy.

“Everyone here at Mac Productions are sad to see the cancellation of Grim because we put a lot of hard work to get him that show, but in the end our budget just could not support the on going operation of the show. We tried everything in our power to save the show but weighed the risks and it came down to the fact that it would do no good for us to keep the show, so to the Grim Reaper and all the tech boys that help create the show and bring it to its short life, we here at Mac Productions are very proud of you. Hopefully sometime down the line we can do a new project just like, if not better, then what we did with Grim.”


Sorry for the delay

The Tech Boys are having some equipment problems and so that is the reason why there have been no shows coming out of Mac Productions.

Mac Productions HQ has also been abuzz about some other news, though nobody knows what that means. One of the rumors says that there might me a shakeup with The Bosses another rumor talks about something about one of the shows.

I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Brand New Logo

Last Week The Bosses, asked anyone an Mac Productions to come up with a new Logo, they felt that the old one was kind of lame and childish.

The new one is what the Tech Boys came up with, it will be the current logo for now until The Bosses decided to replace it. Heres a look at the new logo

new news is bad news.

Well today Mac Productions opened its doors, to limited operations today, after a week long mourning period for the loss of a member of the Mac Production family.

Well upon opening the doors, The Tech Boys had some bad news for The Bosses. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to access the system used to make Obama and Bush, as well as Doppelgänger .

However we have decided to replace them with Mac Production Shorts, which will be short films that may have a purpose or may not, you’ll just have to watch them to find out.

Major Headache, and Bosses Mad

All is not good here at Mac Productions HQ, and The Bosses are very mad.

There was a Systems failure that caused our main hub to be taken offline for a few days, the result was that all the drives had to be replaced. The problem is that nothing was backed up, so we lossed virtually all our stock videos and anything else that was shot. That also means the Top Secreat Project.

The Tech Boys have had their asses chewed out for three days stright, and there is talk that the head of the tech department may be replaced.

The only person that seems uneffected by this is NASCARGoose.

The only good thing to come of this month so far, is that we recived a new camrea, and that will replace what we were using before as our front line camrea.

Also has anyone seen Grim, nobody has been able to contact him.

Its Christmas Time

Its Christmas time here at Mac Productions HQ, and things have become a little slow, since all most everyone has gone home early for the holiday.

Filming has been halted for now, since as i have already pointed out, almost everyone has gone home. That includes Grim, or at least thats what we believe because nobody is able to find him.

NascarGoose, AKA The New Guy, is around here somewhere, helping people get his blog ready for the 2011 Nascar racing season, as well as trying to recruit people to help him out with the other forms of Racing. 

Yesterday was a big headache for everyone because we lost power to half our work area. Luckily our tech boys didn’t lose power, and they are currently working over time  to see if we lost any info and if they can retrieve it if we did lose anything.

The highlight of the month so far, not including Christmas which is in 18 or so days, was the local Christmas Parade. It’s not like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, but it’s great all the same.