2013 Mastic/Shirley Christmas Parade.

As I always say, better late then never. Here is the video from last years Mastic/Shirley Christmas Parade. I repeat this is last years Christmas Parade.


Sorry for the delay

Sorry for the delay of making episode three of the second season of Stupid Man and His Bodyguard, or anything else for that matter.

I have been very busy with other stuff in my life and that has caused for very little to no time for me to make any videos what so ever.

hopefully I will be able to make something this weekend.

– Mark

Yes Its True

That I, the Grim Reaper am gone from Mac Productions/Mark Strong Media or what ever they call themselves.

Now to say that I had a good time here at Mac Productions would be a lie. I had a Great time, and I know that I can never be replaced.

So until the next time,