Sorry for the delay

Sorry for the delay of making episode three of the second season of Stupid Man and His Bodyguard, or anything else for that matter.

I have been very busy with other stuff in my life and that has caused for very little to no time for me to make any videos what so ever.

hopefully I will be able to make something this weekend.

– Mark


In Mourning!!!!!!!!!

Mac Productions has stopped production until further notice effective immenditaly.

Due to a death in the Mac Productions family, all filming has been stopped effective 10:00 this morning, Janurary 4, 2011. There is no time set, as of now, for filming to resume.

We thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.

If you haven’t guessed, The Grim Reapers show has been suspended until further notice.

Its Christmas Time

Its Christmas time here at Mac Productions HQ, and things have become a little slow, since all most everyone has gone home early for the holiday.

Filming has been halted for now, since as i have already pointed out, almost everyone has gone home. That includes Grim, or at least thats what we believe because nobody is able to find him.

NascarGoose, AKA The New Guy, is around here somewhere, helping people get his blog ready for the 2011 Nascar racing season, as well as trying to recruit people to help him out with the other forms of Racing. 

Yesterday was a big headache for everyone because we lost power to half our work area. Luckily our tech boys didn’t lose power, and they are currently working over time  to see if we lost any info and if they can retrieve it if we did lose anything.

The highlight of the month so far, not including Christmas which is in 18 or so days, was the local Christmas Parade. It’s not like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, but it’s great all the same. 

Back In Business!!!!!!

Yep, The Tech Boys found a new editing system the other day, we were told to sit on it a few days by The Bosses in case it didn’t pan out.

Well it did, so filming for Grim has been restarted, and today was the first day Grim has been on set. Can’t really say how it went, your going to have to ask Grim about that.

But anyway, Mac Productions is back up and running after a few days of being shut down. Hopefully we won’t have to go though something like that again.