Nutz, we are down again.

Sorry its been a long time since our last update, things have been really busy around here at Mac Productions, So busy that the Tech Department hasn’t had the time to update their shows.

But this update doesn’t bring very good news, i fear.

Due to a battery problem (or lack of batteries) in our main filming camera, we are unable to film at this current time. With our very limited budget (again lack there of), we are hoping that our nice creditors will give use enough money to buy some extra ones tomorrow, or sometime next week, so we can finish filming the second Grim Reaper episode.  

We were hoping to get some filming done with Grim before tomorrow, his busiest day of the year, though that seems to have gone down the drain.

The problem is that the main camera takes three AAA batteries. We use two rechargeable batteries and one non-chargeable. I’m sure they say not to do that, but our main camera is, for a lack of a better term, a piece of crap and won’t turn on with three rechargeable batteries. And due to buying a new main camera is near 90 bucks, far more then our creditor will allow us to borrower, we are kind of in a pickle.

Stay tune for more Mac Productions updates, right here.


New Thing.

Today while trying to find a new way to edit our videos, the Mac Productions tech department stumbled upon a website called xtranormal, so we decided to give it a try and see how it works. If people like what we created, then we will probably do more in the future.

So here is our first called animation, called “Obama and Bush”

Fliming has been SUSPENDED Until Farther Notice

We here at Mac Productions regret to inform you that filming of Grim Reaper and any other projects are Suspended until farther notice.

No it has nothing to do with Grim, or any lawyers for him or us. There is currently a problem with some of our equipment that currently makes us unable to edit any film we have shot.

We are trying to trying hard to fix the problem, That doesn’t mean that we aren’t looking for other ways to edit or stuff.

We are truly sorry to all are fans who were waiting for the next episode of Grim Reaper.

Hello Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the blog for all my filming and other stuff i will do. I will blog about the things i do, like filming stuff or writing stuff that will be done under the name Mac Productions. I have done things under the other names as i attempt to find a good working name, but for now i’ll use Mac Productions as that is the name i’ve used for a long time.