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We are having more computer trouble here at Mac Productions, and because of that we are unable to to do anything.

The bosses are mad as can be at The Tech Boys, and heads may roll this time because of it.

This also has nothing to do with the cancellation of Grim Reaper, we are deeply sad to see that show go, but there was nothing that could be done, with a very limited  budget it was hard to justify keeping the show. One of The Bosses will be releasing a video that will go into deeper detail of why Grim Reaper was cut. But for now here is a statement from Boss Teddy.

“Everyone here at Mac Productions are sad to see the cancellation of Grim because we put a lot of hard work to get him that show, but in the end our budget just could not support the on going operation of the show. We tried everything in our power to save the show but weighed the risks and it came down to the fact that it would do no good for us to keep the show, so to the Grim Reaper and all the tech boys that help create the show and bring it to its short life, we here at Mac Productions are very proud of you. Hopefully sometime down the line we can do a new project just like, if not better, then what we did with Grim.”


Mac Productions First Press Release and of course its about Grim

The End Of Grim Reaper
Mastic, New York, May 11, 2011 - Its with great Sadness 
that Mac Productions announces that termination of the 
show Grim Reaper. Due to Budget as well as Technical 
problems, we were unable to continue with the show.

The Grim Reaper as well as all of the staff at Mac Productions
are sadden by the loss of what could have been a great and 
wonderful show.

Mac Productions will continue on with the shorts 
Called Mac Productions Shorts, and it is with great hope 
that those viewers of Grim Reaper will continue to watch 
any future videos made by Mac Productions.

ABOUT Mac Productions
Mac Productions is a small production company that makes 
low budget videos. Created in 2000 under the name M.W.S Inc by 
two best friends MacChief and Teddy, as a way to one day publish 
comic strips that they made. Mac Productions took its current name 
when the two fiends decided to change from making comics to poems. 
In 2008 the two friends decided to get into making shows,films, and 
movies and in early 2010 changed the name, but by the end of spring 
decided to change the name back. Currently with a low budget 
Mac Productions is trying to due the best with what they have
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