I Am Baaaaaaaacccckkkkk!!!!!

Ah, hahahahahahaha. Who of you all thought i was gone for good when those fools at Mac Productions said i was suspended.

What they won’t tell you is that i stuck my lawyers on them, and they got torn apart by them.

The only thing my lawyers had to do was shown them the clause in my contract that said that they can’t suspend or cancel me BEFORE the first season start. And since only one episode had been shown, and add to it that it wasn’t even said to be part of the first season, they had to lift the suspension on me.

Well until next time Stay Dead!


Grim Reaper Episode 2, Season 1

Sorry its kind of late. This was done shortly after The Bosses decided to Suspend Grim Reaper. It was suppose to be Grim’s Response to his show being Suspended, but then the Bosses decided to not suspend him so we decided to use it as an episode instead. Note that it has a lack of a title sequence, which all the later episodes will have.

Mark Your Calenders for Friday February 25, 2011

That is the day we decided to launch Grim Reaper #2 Season 1.

Grim Reaper #3 Season 1 maybe launched the Friday after that, but that is if we have it all edited by then. We are about 50% that we will.

So get ready for Grim to come on your computer screens Tomorrow night around 9:30PM Eastern/8:30pm Central.


Sorry about their being no Mac Production Shorts #5 this week, we didn’t know what to do for #5, but don’t worry we are working on coming up with ideas.

We have also started filming on the scripted parts for Grim Reapers third episode. The Script is almost done, and we are already half way though filming, so we maybe able to show Episode two then three soon. We are shooting for either near the end of the month or next month.  So stay tuned or as Grim would say Stay Dead.

Well thats it for now, hope everyone had a great Valentines Day

Filming Part Of Grim Reaper

Filming has started for part of Grim Reaper season 1.3, and so far so good.

So far The Bosses are happy, which is good, and why wouldn’t they be Grim actually showed up.

Anyway, the script isn’t totally done, so what is being filmed today is unscripted shots. The Writers are said to be at odds about what should happen in the episode. Episode two was totally unscripted by Mac Productions and was totally done by Grim himself, though he did use our equipment and our studios to do it.

Well thats all for now, hopefully next time we’ll have more info about episode three and when episode two will air.


We have completed editing Mac Production Short #4, which will go live on here and Youtube about 9:30 next Monday, we are working on idea’s for Shorts #5,6, and 7.

If you haven’t noticed the updated Staff list for Mac Productions to the right, we have come to terms with the Grim Reaper, and he is no longer suspended. His next episode will go live as soon as we have his third episode done, which hopefully will be soon.