Mac Production Short #3 "Lets Follow The Footprints"

Sorry this is late, our Tech Boys plain forgot to post it yesterday, and then while tring to post it today, we were running into Difficulties. Hopefully you guys like it.  Short #4 will be posted next week.


Short Number 3, coming your way

Tomorrow will be the release of Mac Productions Short number 3, we can’t say much about it, other then you can see it around 9:00 to 9:30 TOMORROW Night.

The Rolex 24 hours at Daytona is on today, and everyone will be to busy watching it to do any final editing and posting it tonight.

So everyone stop on by tomorrow and see our latest short.

Mac Production Short #2

Mac Production Shoret #2 will go live tonight around 8:30. It will be uploaded to our Youtube account, and will be posted on here after it has been uploaded.

Short #2 was made after christmas, but BEFORE Short #1.

As you should know Mac Productions Shorts, were created to fill the gap caused by the suspension of Grim Reaper and the cancellations of Obama and Bush and Doppelgänger.

Its unknown at this time if Grim Reaper will return, and if so when.

We are also working on Short#3 as well as another project.

But remember Tonight Short #2 will come alive.

new news is bad news.

Well today Mac Productions opened its doors, to limited operations today, after a week long mourning period for the loss of a member of the Mac Production family.

Well upon opening the doors, The Tech Boys had some bad news for The Bosses. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to access the system used to make Obama and Bush, as well as Doppelgänger .

However we have decided to replace them with Mac Production Shorts, which will be short films that may have a purpose or may not, you’ll just have to watch them to find out.

In Mourning!!!!!!!!!

Mac Productions has stopped production until further notice effective immenditaly.

Due to a death in the Mac Productions family, all filming has been stopped effective 10:00 this morning, Janurary 4, 2011. There is no time set, as of now, for filming to resume.

We thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.

If you haven’t guessed, The Grim Reapers show has been suspended until further notice.