Something Old, well five months old anyway.

Here is a look at the first ever Grim Reaper Shot. Its five months old, but who cares right?


Behind the Scenes With Grim #2

Well Here i am again, The Grim Reaper.

I’m waiting for Filming to start, Hurricane Earl is long gone now, and filming for my show hasn’t started yet. I have no idea what the hold up is, but i bet its equipment trouble. I swear the people here at Mac Production are worse then those who run the LIRR. That’s the Long Island Railroad for those who are stupid enough not to know that.

Crap, their going to kill me, oh wait i’m already dead, because i just hit publish post and i wasn’t done yet. Oh well when your almost a million years old and have just learned to use the computer its ok to have a few screw-ups, right?

The weather is nice and partly cloudy, almost how i like it, but it says that its 80 degrees out side, can someone please tell me how that is possible when its almost all cloudy out?

Anyway thats all the time i have for now, since they could start filming at any time, so have fun and i’ll see ya when i see ya.

Until then, stay dead.

Oh yeah i almost forgot, The people here at Mac Productions got made at me for not including my e-mail address in my last post, so all you nice people who are living can contact me. So here is my email address

Ok, Now you guys can Stay Dead.