Back In Business!!!!!!

Yep, The Tech Boys found a new editing system the other day, we were told to sit on it a few days by The Bosses in case it didn’t pan out.

Well it did, so filming for Grim has been restarted, and today was the first day Grim has been on set. Can’t really say how it went, your going to have to ask Grim about that.

But anyway, Mac Productions is back up and running after a few days of being shut down. Hopefully we won’t have to go though something like that again.



Well, according to our Tech Department two of the replacement editing systems they found has failed their tests. One right out failed, the second failed but said could be used if need be.

From what i’m told it is our funding, or lack there of, that caused one system to fail. Though they are confident that they will find something that we will be able to use.

On another note, The Bosses, have giving the go ahead to another project. It was highlighted in an earlier post. It is an animation series, called Obama and Bush. The first episode was show cased in the earlier post, the second will be shown soon, it went through final review this afternoon.

The Tech boys are proud of it, since they were the ones who discovered how to make it while trying to find other editing options. They are said to be coming up with another series or two, which are suppose to be getting the green like from the bosses when they are developed.

Thats all for now, stay tuned right here for all the latest in Mac Productions News.

Behind the Scenes With Grim #3

Well i walked into Mac Productions studio’s yesterday, to see if we were going to be shooting any scenes for my second episode, and i swear everyone was acting as if someone had stolen trade secrets or something.

Everyone was going crazy, it wasn’t until i had a meeting with the producer that i learned that the editing equipment was broken and until it could be fixed or another way to edit could be found there wouldn’t be any filming.

Now i was momentarily pissed because i took my time and went to the studio, when they could have just called me and told me what was up and not to come in instead.

Anyway now i’m kind of worried because my favorite time of the year, any my most busiest, is coming up and i wanted to get some filming done before then.

If you haven’t guessed by now, i’m talking about is Halloween.

Hopefully i’m going to get invited to Dracula’s party this year. He banned me from it last year because they year before i supposedly broke into his helicopter (The DracCopter as he calls it) and tried to land it on Frankenstein and his wife.

I did do that, i won’t deny that now, but i did deny it then. But come on, nothing REALLY happen, unless you count the thousand dollars worth of damage to the helicopter, wait DracCopter, and Frankenstein and his wife becoming short circuited after they jumped into the pool to get out of my way. The last thing though wasn’t my fault really, i mean who has a pool open in the fall anyway?

Granted everybody at the party are part of the Undead, but i mean i still shouldn’t have been banned from last years party. I mean Angel and Spike were invited and they are Dracula’s ARCHENEMIES, so if he could invite his two archenemies then he could have invited me.

Anyway, i’m getting away from myself, where was i? Oh yes now i remember.

Well today i hear a rumor that the Tech Department may have found a new way to edit film and are testing to see how it works, if this new way passes the test, i’m told that we can start filming soon. So i’m hoping that the thing passes the test.

Anyway, until next time, stay dead


New Thing.

Today while trying to find a new way to edit our videos, the Mac Productions tech department stumbled upon a website called xtranormal, so we decided to give it a try and see how it works. If people like what we created, then we will probably do more in the future.

So here is our first called animation, called “Obama and Bush”

Fliming has been SUSPENDED Until Farther Notice

We here at Mac Productions regret to inform you that filming of Grim Reaper and any other projects are Suspended until farther notice.

No it has nothing to do with Grim, or any lawyers for him or us. There is currently a problem with some of our equipment that currently makes us unable to edit any film we have shot.

We are trying to trying hard to fix the problem, That doesn’t mean that we aren’t looking for other ways to edit or stuff.

We are truly sorry to all are fans who were waiting for the next episode of Grim Reaper.

Started Filming today

We started filming for the second episode of Grim Reaper, though it didn’t involve him. We are hoping to start filming with him in the next couple of days, so stay tuned right here to find out the latest about what is going on here at Mac Productions.