Most Likey we will add a Show

Me and Teddy have talked about, and have come to an agreement about adding another show to the Mac Productions line up. The Show does not have a title yet, or maybe we do have a title and just don’t want to unveil it yet, one never knows.

Next to naming a show we also need a star of it, and that takes time, though we do know somebody we can call on to do it. The new show will be different from Grim Reaper and so we need different equipment, which we may have to borrow from someone else in order to make it happen.

Anyway we’ll keep you posted.

In other news, due to Hurricane Earl we have suspended any filming plans we had for Grim Reaper. We were going to film a few scenes this weekend with Grim but due to the Hurricane and the unpredictability of what it is going to do, we felt that it was in the best interest and safety of all Mac Productions personal to Suspend all schedule filming until further notice.


Tossing around other ideas.

While waiting for the details with Grim Reaper to be hammered out, we here at Mac Productions are busy looking at other ideas for things to do.

In the last 24 hours we have come up with two other ideas for shows, then we merged them into one idea. Which sounded very good.  Though we aren’t sure about the fine details as of yet.

We also heard from the Hurricane Center that Tropical Storm Earl, is now a Hurricane and could be a few hundred miles off Long Island by next Friday, or it could hit us they say they are never 100% certain with the tracking of storms. So that may put a halt to any production plans with Grim Reaper, should we get the deal finalized by then.

I am happy to see that Grim Reaper has started to follow the “Gentlemen’s Agreement” we have with him and did his first Blog, which should have been titled “The First Behind The Scenes with Grim Reaper”, but since it was the first time ever in his million years of life that he has used a computer we let the titling slide for now.

Well i guess thats all i have to report for now, hopefully we can get the deal with Grim done and shoot some scenes before any storms come a blowing, so until next time.

The Reaper is on the Internet!

Hey, This is the Grim Reaper. Yeah, Yeah the “Angel Of Death”, “Death”, or “The sentient entity of Death”. Why can’t people get over that stuff, really kill joy at parties.

As part of this “Gentlemen’s Agreement” i have with the people at Mac Productions, i have to do blog about what happens behind the scenes.

Well i just got done with one of my around the world trips, and let me tell you, when you hear that people bribe me for the life they ain’t lying . My Bank Account has gotten about a Billion Dollars bigger after this last trip. LOL.

Just don’t tell the Mac Production people, otherwise they may try and offer me less perks…….oops……… Guess i’m going to have to visit everybody who read that last part. again with the LOL.

Anyway, right now i have some free time, and i am hoping that once the lawyers get all the technical stuff done, that i can get some taping done. Who knew that when working with the “Angel Of Death” there was so much stuff that has to be worked out.

Oh and i heard that “The Grinch” is coming to an end, i guess he heard that i was coming and didn’t want to mess with me. Either that or his small size brain couldn’t keep up with filming a show.

Anyway i have to go, even Death needs his beauty sleep, yeah i said beauty sleep, what are you going to do about it.

Until next time Stay Dead or Be Dead.

Trying to get the Grim Reaper to do more.

We have been in long talks with the Grim Reaper to do a few more shows, but the problem with being the Angel of Death is that your always so busy. But somehow we have reached an Gentlemen’s agreement for Mr.Reaper to come back and do a few more shows of the series that is named after him.

The one sticking part though, is that he doesn’t want his voice recorded. Lets hope that the Gentlemens agreement is good enough for Mr.Reaper. 

Hello Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the blog for all my filming and other stuff i will do. I will blog about the things i do, like filming stuff or writing stuff that will be done under the name Mac Productions. I have done things under the other names as i attempt to find a good working name, but for now i’ll use Mac Productions as that is the name i’ve used for a long time.